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No.357, Dec. 2009 Turkey: Viewpoints on culture .
- Supplement: Offices .

No.356, Nov. 2009 Spirit and space.
- Supplement: The art of competition.

No.355, Oct. 2009 Movement: Architecture in movement.

No.354, Sep. 2009 - Stahl & alu: Performance & style.

No.350, May. 2009 - Social agenda: Tolerance and freedom.

No.349, Apr. 2009 - Engineering: Art & technology.

No.346-347, Jan.-Feb. 2009 -The modern shopping mall - Daniel Libeskind.

No.345, Dec. 2008 - Life medicine resort Kurhaus, Bad Gleichenberg Austria / Healing in a tree house. Spa tourism.
Smithgroup / Normandy American visitor center: memorial tourism, American war cemetery.
Hotels / 1. Hotel in Bordeaux / Animated abstraction. 2. Hotel "Schwarzer adler" / the pool goes to the roof.
St. Anton / Crystalline casing for a giant blue wheel: base station for the cableway.
Geometrical warmth / Villarica National Park in Chile
- Supplement, No. 345 / Skyline offices.

Architectural record

V.197, No.12, Dec. 2009 - Museums/ Design Vanguard/ Prod. reports'09/ Building info modeling .

V.197, No.11, Nov. 2009 - University buildings/ Morphosis/ Ethereal architecture/ Lighting.

V.197, No.10, Oct. 2009 - New urban life: major civic work in NY, Athens and Graz/ Green civic buildings.

V.197, No.8, Aug. 2009 - Health care(pools)/ Ray Kappe/Nouvel/ Piano/ Pei/ Gehry/ Sagrada Familia church/ Lighting.

V.197, No.7, Jul. 2009 - In the landscape.

V.197, No.6, Jun. 2009 - Rebooting yesterday's buildings for today's world/ Adaption+preservation.

V.197, No.5, May 2009 - Office buildings/ Murphy Jahn/ Robert A.M. Stern/ EMBT/ KPF/ Leed revamp/ Lighting.

V.197, No.4, Apr. 2009 - Record houses/ Retreats in the landscape/Structurally innovative towers defy convention and gravity.

V.197, No.3, Mar. 2009 - Industrial buildings/ Surviving the recession/ Anohetta/ Pedestrian bridges/ Interiors.

V.197, No.2, Feb. 2009 - Points of view-Museum of Arts and Design (NY)/ Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena/Acoustics at center stage / acoustics get a starring role in the design of a new performing arts center.

V.197, No.1, Jan. 2009 - Bay watch: New projects for San Francisco (California Academy of Sciences, Contemporary Jewish Museum), Oakland (Cathedral of Christ the Light), Berkeley (C.V. Starr/ East Asian Library)/ Restaurants/ Seismic retrofits/ /Housing around the bay.

Architectural review

V.226, No.1354, Dec. 2009 - Emerging architecture..

V.226, No.1353, Nov. 2009 - Souto de Moura's Casa das Historians/ Josep Llinas.

V.226, No.1351, Sep. 2009 - Steven Holl's Knut Hamsun Centre/ New architecture and attitudes from Queensland/ Cruz Ortiz on art conservation/ Toyo Ito channels Gaudi/ The High Line effect/ Brazil knits.

V.226, No.1350, Aug. 2009 - Alvaro Siza/ David Chipperfield/ Alberto Campo Baeza/ Bark design architects.

V.226, No.1349, Jul. 2009 - Ceramic-clad Museum Brandhorst in munich/ David Chipperfield's court complex Barcelona/ SANAA.

V.225, No.1348, Jun. 2009 - Chile's arch. culture/ Arch.school in Nantes/ Za-Koenji Theatre in Tokio by Toyo Ito/ Rykwert on the Italian earthquake.

V.225, No.1343, Jan. 2009 - Houses by emerging architects.

ARQ -Architectural Research Quarterly

V.13, No.1, 2009 - Le Corbusier/ Made in Switzerland/ Worlds in miniature/ Staircases of Venice.

V.12, No.3-4, 2008 - one of the themes : Grid effects: role of the grid in generating Zaha Hadid's projects for Istanbul.

Arts & activities

V.145, No.1, Feb. 2009 - It's all about the clay.

V.144, No.5, Jan. 2009 - Learning about artists and cultures of the world


V.106, No.12, Dec. 2009 - Supporting structures: design features in architecture.

V.106, No.9, Sep. 2009 - Woodhouse.

V.106, No.8, Aug. 2009 - Hospitals.

V.106, No.6, Jun. 2009 - Shopping centers, molls.

Communication arts

V.50, No.8, Jan.-Feb. 2009 / Elixir (work of San Francisco firm shine-like the North Star)/ Jim Krantz / a Chicago photographer captures artful angles and suspended light in his work/ United Airlines / airline's advertising/ Verve / The record label's rich legacy inspires this in-house design group to chart new ground/ Social causes & the Web / to reach teens, agencies and reinventing prevention education.

Design Journal

V.12, No.3, Nov 2009 - A glance at Turkish design discourse.

Detail (eng. ed.)

No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2009 - Wallings, rendering, coloration.
Supplement: Green, No.2, Nov. 2009 - Sustainable use of wood and wood products/ planning zero-carbon city/ Solar thermal cooling.

No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 2009 - Glass construction- Modular glass envelopes/ Glass coating.


V.49, No.5, May 2009 - Materials and finishes.

V.49, No.4, Apr. 2009 - Cost-effective building: Rhine Harbour, Cologne/ Optimization for constructions/ Strategy for cheaper building.

V.49, No.3, Mar. 2009 - Music and theatre: Developments ; trends in theatre architecture/ A typology of theatre buildings with examples/ Opera house in Oslo.
Suppl.: Profile - Energy - Saving energy - generating energy.

V.49, No.1-2, Jan.-Feb. 2009 - Roofs - flat and sloped: From lid to landscape/ covering ( חיפויים )/ Leaf structure in wood and steel.


V.24, No.1, Jan. 2009 - Special issue: Typography: 18 alternatives overused fonts/ Quark makes a comeback.

Journal of teacher education

V.60, No.1, Jan.-Feb. 2009 - Innovative uses of technology in teacher education.

National Geographic

V.216, No.3, Sept. 2009 - Solar power/ King penguins/ Somalia/ Orchids/ Before NY.

V.216, No.1, Jul. 2009 - Khmer empire/ Angkor – why an ancient civilization collapsed/ Manta rays/ New Zealand/ Serbs/ Telescope.

V.215, No.5, May 2009 - Arctic Ocean/ Mammoths (Ice baby / Secrets of a frozen mammoth)/ Cloning/ Shangri-La (The mythical sport is now a boomtown in western China)/ Green roofs/ Leatherbacks turtles (Frigid waters don't stop them. Humans are another story).

V.215, No.4, Apr. 2009 - Australia goes dry/ Changing rains/ Polar bear paradise/ Russia's church/ The She-king of Egypt/ Amphibians.

V.215, No.3, Mar. 2009 - Saving energy/ Canadian oil boom/ Sinai/ Jaguars.

V.215, No.2, Feb. 2009 / Darwin: His first clues; evolution now/ Escaping North Korea / Mustang trail/ Sicily's mummies/ Mount Washington.

V.215, No.1, Jan. 2009 - Gold: The true cost of a global obsession/ Russian wilderness/ North Pole sagas/ Inside the presidency.


No. 65, 2008 - How do designers find the right form, what concepts do they follow/ Next to ideas and inspiration the site conditions and constraints stand at the beginning of each project. They form the basis for landscape architects and designers to develop convincing concepts, which are manifested in formal, spatial structures. Topos 65 shows interesting concepts, innovative ideas and attractive designs with examples of built projects / from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, from Sydney to New York and from Madrid to the Chinese city of Bengbu.

בנין ואדריכלות

מס' 100, 2009 - "טרנד" חדש-אופנה של מיזרקות/ קרוזיה באלומיניום/ זכוכיות חכמות עוצרות את החום/ צעירים מעצבים את המרחב העירוני

בנין ודיור

מס' 45, 2009 - בית הקונכיה ביפן/ יהודה פוליקר מצייר.


כר' מו, מס' 2-1, פבר' 2009 - התקשורת בישראל ומקומה בחיי הפרט והחברה.


מס' 10, 2009 - עיר: התבוננות על עיר כרקע המושלם לפשע, התחדשות, תקווה, ייאוש...

מסע אחר

מס' 211, אפר' 2009 - ניקרגואה/ חיי קרקס סיני/ בנק הדם/ חלון צרפתי לים התיכון-נמל, פרברים בעיר מרסיי.

מס' 209, פבר' 2009 - סובב מוסקבה: מסע בעיירות מסביב לבירה הנוצצת בעקבות רוסיה של פעם/ מוזיאון חי - שימור מורשת שבט הדונג בסין/ הולך ונעלם: מכרות הפחם בגרמניה נסגרים/ זה הזמן לשמוח: עונת הקרנבלים בפתח מס' 208, ינו' 2009 - מהפכות (קובה / חגיגות היובל של המהפכה) / איי לופוטן שבנורווגיה/ נשים מערביות במנזר בודהיסטי (מה מביא אישה מערבית לעזוב את ביתה, את משפחתה ולקבל עליה נדרי נזירות בודהיסטיים-טיבטיים/)/ בעקבות אלבר קאמי/ פסטיבל בפורטוגל/ תיירות - אלבניה.


מס' 45, 2009 - תל אביב בין חזון לנורמליות: מאה שנה לעיר העברית הראשונה.